Four–no, FIVE common sense ways to make sure your customers don’t forget you.

Partnerships between you and your clients or customers are like any relationship. If you go too long without communicating, you’ll soon begin to disappear. What’s listed below is nothing new. But sometimes it’s good to return to the basics. 

    1. Go the extra mile. Answer by the second or third ring. Give ’em more than they ask for. Offer advice for new promotions. See an article relating to their business? Send it to them. Show them you’re always thinking about how to promote their business. In short, show them you’re interested in them. Make it your business to care about their business.
    2. Try on your client’s shoes. Try to see the market from their perspective. What makes them tick? Who is your typical customer and how do they start their day? Home-brewed coffee, Starbucks or juicer? Is the TV blaring while they make breakfast? Do they skip breakfast altogether and grab something on the way to work? Do they go to the gym or the donut shop? Or both? Do your homework. Customers are not willing to do business with a company who doesn’t understand their needs.
    3. Stay in touch. No account or customer is bolted down. But if you’ve gone the extra mile and really earned their trust, it’ll make it harder for them to move on. But you can’t do that by only popping your head up once every few months. Keep your name in front of them, especially during the downtimes. Got some new widget or technology you’d like to share? Send them an email. Better yet, give ‘em a call. Solicit their opinion—see what they think. Take them to lunch, talk about their plans.
    4. Ask yourself, would YOU hire you? Would you hire yourself based on the job you’re currently doing? Ask yourself, “Am I the best, most logical choice for the job I’m doing, or could they do better?” If not, why not, and what can I do to improve?
    5. If you make a mistake, fess up and move on. Face your mistakes head-on. While it may be tempting to place the blame somewhere else, the buck stops with you. The sooner you accept responsibility, the sooner you can put the issue to rest and get back on track. Owning your mistakes is a sign of maturity, and almost all mistakes have a solution. Adopt the mantra “there are no mistakes, only lessons.” It could be what ultimately earns their complete trust.

Remember, it’s a slow dance. Respect and trust are virtues earned through perseverance.

Ad Agencies Reinvented.

This is nothing new. From Burma Shave signs to the Mad Men heydays to the current digital diversification, agencies have always had to evolve to remain relevant and cost-effective. What remains a constant is the power of creative ideas and innovative means of communicating easily understood and persuasive brand stories—two disciplines Broderick Advertising can deliver, no matter the medium.

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