What's The Big Idea?

I was lucky enough to have a professor and mentor who imparted the true essence of the term “concept.” Regrettably, this imperative seems to have faded away within today’s creative class. With the rise of DIY designers, access to a computer grants almost anyone the ability to call themselves a designer. Undoubtedly, some commendable designs emerge from this, but a mere glance at the works from the 80s and 90s reminds us that “advertising just isn’t what it used to be.” No one wants to put in the hard work of doing the research. And even when they do, they don’t have have the patience to wait for the results. Trust your gut and it will betray you. How many of you will say to your doctor, “Trust me doc, just cut where I tell you. I have a strong feeling that’s where the cancer is.”
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