The secret question that will make your customers take notice.

A recent consumer phone service ad quips: “word of mouth advertising—it’s what they did before commercials”. The message is tongue-in-cheek, but there’s an embedded truism: The ultimate goal of advertising is to get folks talking about you. To get you noticed. To stand out. It’s why car dealers stand out on the street corner in

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“If I’m Really Being Honest…”

Is telling the cold, hard truth always the best thing to do? According to Paul Ekeman, there are nine basic reasons why people lie. Some are more common than others. As this graphic shows, the size of each “excuse circle” corresponds with the probability that someone will use it for that purpose.  So “getting a

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The ABCs of logo design.

How many of the companies above can you recognize from only part of their logo? Hint: They’re in alphabetical order. Some were easy, right? They may have all been easy. Frankly, these are some of the most recognizable logos in the world. How do you think that happened? Maybe they were all so wonderfully designed

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What’s The Big Idea?

“I Know a Little ‘Bout It… And Baby, I Can Guess the Rest”. -Lynyrd Skynard   Skynard’s epigram seems to have progressed beyond its original amorous intention, and has found its way into the business world of marketing and promotions. Let me explain. My dermatologist is one of the best in the market. (This might

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Reminiscing with Mother, Feb. 8, 2007

This is an excerpt from the recording below: Mother: “We were farming, up there in that—we called em Jennings place—and we raised cotton, and corn & hay for the cows. And by that time we had about 45-50 cows, and we didn’t have a shed to put ‘em under; we had just this one big

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There Are No Excuses

Years ago, Jim Mountjoy, Paul Decker, and John Lyons were judges at our local Addy awards. After the judging was completed, Mountjoy and Decker were kind enough to hold a workshop for local ad folks. We had a lot of attendees. Nowadays, I doubt that we would. But that day we did. In fact, I’d

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