Magnolia Federal Bank Newspaper Campaign

25 years ago, I didn’t download stock imagery. We went to the trouble to cast even our print campaigns, and hire a photographer. The “Odd are we’ll lend the money” campaign was all shot that way, by local lensmaster Gib Ford, on a white limbo background. The black and white prints were sent to an engraver to knock out the backgrounds completely. It was a whole lot more fun than rummaging through some stock image website, and we could control it more. We hired local actors, and either grabbed the props ourselves or hired a prop person. Motorcyle Mama is the late great Virgina Metz, who was my go-to for local talent. The convertible was owned by Sherril Nelson (I think I got his name right) and that’s him standing by it. The crazy piano guy is Curtis Vance, one of our account executives. Good times. Won a few awards, too.
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