Magnolia Federal Bank Newspaper Campaign

Years ago, we didn’t download stock imagery. We went to the trouble to cast talent for every photo shoot. Even our print campaigns. And we hired local photographer. Magnolia Federal was a fun client… these ads were all shot by local lensmaster Gib Ford, and art directed by yours truly. It was a whole lot more fun than rummaging through some stock image website, and we could control it more. We hired local actors, sometimes people we knew, and either grabbed the props ourselves or hired a prop person. the model for Motorcyle Mama is the late great Virgina Metz, who was my go-to for local talent. The convertible was owned by retired art director Sherril Nelson, and that’s him standing by it. The crazy piano guy is Curtis Vance, one of our account executives. (Sigh) We don’t make ’em like we used to. Even though we still can.
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