BetterMeant Initiatives

The symbol was derived from the silhouettes of two people, different colors representing different backgrounds, joining together as advocates of betterment. As they move closer together, the space between them disappears and forms an arrow, pointing up. This is symbolic of the idea that when we work together, no matter what kind of background we come from–– if we can agree on a common goal, have unique ideas, and proper civil discourse, we will “better” ourselves, our world, and our communities. Further, the symbol rotates 90 degrees and becomes the first letter of the word “BetterMeant”. The arrow now symbolically “points to the future” and our common goal, the overall betterment of society. The background Ivy pattern: a plant that spreads and overtakes an area, represents the idea that at some point BetterMeant Initiatives will spread in such a way, to “overtake” our society with ways of making it better.
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