hang on...

In advertising, this is what is effectively known as an “impression”.

It doesn’t matter if your customers actually see it or not. There was the possibility of them seeing it, and that’s what you pay for. And that’s nothing new– it’s the same with any other media. If there’s a possibility of them catching a glimpse of your message. Because the information highway isn’t the only thoroughfare that’s more crowded than ever.

The problem comes when most of the money is spent on determining the METRICS instead of the MESSAGE. Outdoor is a costly medium. And because it’s so expensive, doesn’t it make sense to make sure you’ve done everything you can to make it easier to read and understand?

Outdoor should be used mostly as support media. Only in certain places should it be the primary vehicle for your communications, such as in directions to a venue.

Digital Outdoor

Digital outdoor may make it easier and faster to get your message out there, but you need to realize it’s sharing space with other messages. So that cuts down significantly on impressions.

You need to hire a designer who understands the nuances of designing for outdoor and let them do their job. You should insist on a clever, pithy message that makes you smile, or that gets your attention in three seconds, and doesn’t take any longer than that to understand.